Condensing the label’s signature sound into one unique sample pack, doesn’t get much better than straight from the label boss Mark Knight.

His second contribution to the hallowed ‘Trademark Series’ lifts the lid on label boss Mark Knight’s most recent run of releases, bringing you a multitude of freshly squeezed samples ready to enrich any aspiring producer’s sound pallet.

The Grammy-nominated producer needs no introduction, Mark is recognised as the highest-selling Beatport artist of all time and one of the most successful DJ’s to grace the decks.

His unrelenting tour schedule continues to place him at the forefront of the global DJ world, bringing his extensive, high energy sound to his fans.

Digging into Mark’s latest batch of samples, you’ll find a wealth of flawless loops & single hits spanning every essential track element, allowing House, Tech House and Techno producers to dip in and find that missing sound, or build an entire track from the ground up.

The sample pack contains a staggering 391 samples including 100 processed Single Hits, countless Drums Loops, Synth and Vox Loops alongside an arsenal of EFX, Drum Fills and Snare Rolls & Risers.

Out now!