1. Walker & Royce – “Boy” – Dirtybird

I love everything Walker & Royce touch right now and this is one of my favourites they’ve done. It’s a really cool driving track from start to finish and the after the main drop it just rolls and rolls fused with an alarm-style bleep sequence and spiralling electronic climax.

2. Weiss – “Your Sunshine” – Toolroom

This track was an idea of mine that had been floating around for a while and finally I got it down this year -It’s my homage to 90’s piano house. I like to think every time I play it, it brings a little sunshine to people’s ears and faces. Straight up 90’s piano house with a lush vocal.

3. Billy Kenny & Maximono – “Hulahoop” – This Ain’t Bristol

Starting out with the infectious bump and grind of the very Dirtybird sounding “Hulahoop” followed by a bouncy bass. I got this back sept/oct time and been playing it ever since. Real cool underground music.

4. Audion – “Mouth To Mouth”(Dense & Pika Remix) – Spectral Sound

The original was first released around 2008. I remember hearing it at DC-10 and thinking what the hell is this track, it’s amazing!

5. Floorplan – “Tell You No Lie” – M-PLANT

I love this feel good disco track. It’s just a great disco looped track by Floorplay that keeps people moving!

6. Francis Xavier – “Slipped Up” (Original Mix) – Motorik

Awesome rolling techno with really cool industrial sounds, which is right, up my street. It just keeps rolling with thumping lead.

7. Weiss – “Walk With Her” – Dirtybird

My first release on Dirtybird and I’m very proud of this one. It’s a house track with a whistle sample throughout, which I created myself. I get a great reaction every time I play it. Cool, rolling house with a deep bassline.

8. Red Rack’em – “Wonkey Bassline Disco Banger” – Classic Music Company

A real clever piece of house music. I like the use of the disco sample starting off with this old 90’s house soulful loop but then comes in with this deep, deep bassline taking it to another level. I’m pretty sure if you’ve been clubbing this year you would of heard of this record. Maybe not know the name but you will now.

9. Dan Beaumont – “Spirit Talkin”(Spencer Parker Workmix) – Work Them Records

This first came out in 2015 but has been in my record box ever since. Great piece of house music with a clever use of “Moby” style vocal that just keeps looping throughout the track but then it comes to the main breakdown where the vocal sample gets used in it’s full potential really sounding like an old Moby track.

10. Bimas – “My Music” (Original Mix) – Strange Idols

Very cool track. Straight into the groove right from the off with a clever stab and just sounds amazing. The progression of the track is so right but a real nice piece of techno music. Look out for this guy as I think you’ll be hearing a lot more from him in 2016.