Coming from a small town in the UK, we know how much dedication and hard work it takes to become a global player. As part of our #TOOLROOMFAMILY concept, we are proud to be supporting a number of young talented people from our home town of Maidstone, UK – all of whom share a drive to succeed and be the best at what they do.
Next in the series… Cloe Frankish. A new golfing pro with a huge future ahead of her.
Here’s her story…

How long have you been playing golf and what got you into the sport?

I first picked up at golf club at the age of 4 years old and was brought a little set of clubs where I started hitting balls in our back garden with my Grandad and I just loved it. I then progressed to playing on a 9hole golf course at 5yrs old where my mum would take me after school and some weekends. By the age of 9, I started competing properly in competitions and I had a handicap. I had my first big win which was Hawkhurst junior masters beating both boys and girls and winning by a big margin and appearing in my first local newspaper. It was my Grandad and Mum who got me into the sport as they both play. By the age of 13 I played off a scratch handicap and with this I knew I was set for a big future in this sport. I had my first National win at 15yrs old winning the Scottish ladies u21 by 7 shots. Followed the next week by winning the English Girls u16 by the biggest margin England Golf had ever had by 12 shots.

What’s the most exciting thing about the sport?

Travelling the world and playing some amazing tournaments and courses

What is the toughest thing about your sport?

The toughest thing about my sport is there is very little support for women in golf, which makes it very hard to make a living out of it. It’s hard to find sponsors in the lady’s game.

How many hours a week do you practice and what does your training involve?

On a typical summer day, I would train for 3-4 hours on the range and short game area and then on my putting. I would then go out and play 18holes so in total I would train for 8/9hours a day at golf. I would also do 2hrs in the evening at the gym.In the winter months it’s a little more difficult because of the weather but I would hope to get 2/3 hours practice and probably just 9holes on the course and still do gym in evening.

What’s your favourite thing to do in your free time away from golf?

I like going to the gym. I like going to London shopping. I like music. I like going out with my friends

How do you train mentally and physically for a tournament?

I like to have 2 practice rounds on the course to prepare and select my shots I need to play for position off the tee. I have a course planner book where I would make notes from each hole for position, places not to go, pin positions, notes of different slopes on greens and also make notes on the wind direction of each day I play. Each practice I would write the yardage and club I hit into greens. I would also do a lot of preparation around the greens for example lots of chipping and putting to different targets on the green to give me as much feel around the green as possible. On the day of each tournament round I would arrive at the club 1hr 30mins before my tee time to warm up and prepare by going to the putting green first followed by a little chipping before heading to the range to hit balls.

How does it feel to have the backing of Toolroom?

This gives me great confidence to know a massive company like toolroom believe in my ability at what I do and fully support me, I’m really looking forward to working with them and seeing what they can do for me. I believe this will be a big boost for my career with they’re help

What does family mean to you?

Everything. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for my Mum, Nan and grandad the support and help they have all given me has got me to where I am today and for this I am truly grateful

What’s been the toughest challenge you’ve had to face so far?

The toughest challenge for me has been keeping my card for the 2019 season as it’s very hard to keep it in the first year of getting it due to the ranking in which you can get in events. So, I am over the moon to have kept my Tour card.

Where do you see yourself in 5yrs?

In 5yrs time I would like to see myself in the top 10 in the world, I would like to have won events on the Ladies European Tour. Win the order of merit, be in the Solheim cup team and potentially win a Major also.