Celebrating their 10th anniversary, The BPM Festival returns to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico on January 6-15, 2017. Since inception, the festival now sees over 65,000 artists perform and promises 2017 will be its biggest and best year yet, bringing together the best in global underground dance music talent, nonstop dancing, and endless adventure. 2017 marks Toolroom’s 5th year at the festival, and if the last 5 years are anything to go by, we are in for another roadblock party down at Wah Wah Beach club, Sunday 8th of January.


“Over the last few years the BPM Festival has become the go to Festival for every Tech House and Techno DJ on the Planet. Where else can you have 10 days in the sunshine, listening to the best underground music on the planet with an unlimited supply of Cornoa’s and Tequila?!”
– Matt Smallwood, A&R Manager

For 2017, we’re bringing a stacked Toolroom roster to Playa: Mark Knight, UMEK, Adrian Hour, Olivier Giacomotto, Weiss & Raumakustik. We caught up with the artsits about their BPM moments, places to go and how they prepare for the 10 day long festival…



What makes this event so special to you?

I don’t really know what to expect, as this will be my first ever appearance at BPM. I usually take the first six weeks of the year off, so I haven’t got a chance to perform there or visit this festival yet. But I’m really glad Mexico is hosting a top electronic event of this size that attracts a lot of industry and media attention and has developed a dedicated fan base from all over the world. I was regularly invited to come to play at BPM in the past, but that was not possible for before mentioned reason. Since I’m in Australia for New Years Eve, I finally caved in this year and I’ll take my annual break later, after the North American tour. I’ll be doing two gigs at the BMP Festival, with Toolroom and Tronic and I expect them both to be really good since this is one of the festivals that attracts a lot of people that is into my music and good electronica in general. I’m really looking forward to experience first hand this special magic that lures people from all over the world to dance at Playa del Carmen.

What’s your favourite thing about the party?

My favourite time at the party is when I’m playing. We, the DJs, are junkies craving for those moments and feelings we get when we navigate the crowd with our music. That gives me so much energy and I’ve built my self-esteem by playing music for masses. I used to be a very shy, introverted boy, but I’ve got more and more confident over the years playing music. No matter how big the stage, it can be a major festival or just a small basement club – the feelings I get from the crowd on the dancefloor is something that I feed on creatively.

For people attending the party for the first time, what would you recommend?

Well, I’m one of those people who are coming to BPM for the first time, so I’m open for suggestions myself. Or ask me the same next year and I’m sure I‘ll have some tips to share. Usually it’s smart to wear comfortable shoes and light clothes when your dancing at a summer festival and you have to think about protecting yourself from sunburns in the day and wind during the night. And don’t forget to hydrate properly.

3 things you couldn’t live without at BPM?

I’m bringing my girlfriend to enjoy this festival together and I’m sure we won’t forget to pack towels and swimwear. Back at home in Slovenia the winter has just kicked in in full swing, so this is going to be a nice seaside getaway before we hit the road to New York, Washington and Boston.

How do you prepare for a 10 day festival like this?

I actually don’t. The best in this kind of situations for me is to just let go of everything and go with the flow. Though I do take care that I am staying at a place where I can move away from the crowd and noise to chill between the parties. I usually don’t have time to stay for more than just couple of days at most of the festival, but when I do, for example in Miami or Ibiza during summer, it’s always fun. I meet a lot of people, hang out with colleagues and friends, have a drink with them, discover local cuisine and new interesting places…

Can you tell us about any plans you have for 1605 for 2017?

In 2016 I’ve started releasing my productions exclusively on 1605 and I’ll continue with that. Consequently there’s not that much free slots left for other artist, but we plan to sign some fresh talents in 2017 as well as that’s what we focus on since we’ve started this venture eight years ago. And we plan to continue to have a lot of fun running this label.


Adrian Hour

What is your favourite thing about the party?

My favourite thing about BPM is that it is in the middle of the jungle and you have the best DJs, the best vibes and best organisation in one place.

What is so special about Playa Del Carmen?

I think the simplicity makes Playa del Carmen so special. It’s still a pure place where you can relax with the best weather in the world!

For people attending the party for the first time, what would you recommend?

For those who are attending the party for the first time I recommend to come with friends, eat healthy, drink plenty of water between parties, wear comfortable clothes all the time and make sure you come down and party with me at the Toolroom Live show!

3 things you couldn’t live without at BPM?

One important thing you couldn’t go without at BPM is your press band available to get in everywhere!
Two is your phone with enough battery to leave early and come back late. (Or carry your charger all the time!)
Three, have the BPM app on your phone. It has so much information about all the line ups and parties. (Some parties are announced last minute for free in some recondite venue!)

What do you enjoy the most when you’re there?

The music, the beach, the parties, friends, food and smoothies… My essential list.

What’s next for Adrian Hour in 2017?

I hope it will be a great year… I’ll do my best!



What are you most looking forward to at the event?

I love the event as it’s something to look forward to straight after Christmas. The weather is amazing, the parties are amazing and the people too. It’s just a really good way of starting off the year and it’s such a well run event from the BPM organisers.

3 things you couldn’t live without at BPM?

1. Tacos – I love eating proper Tacos and where else is better to get them than in Mexico! I love eating real street food or try my best to taste the local cuisine when I travel and Mexican food is right up there for me.

2. Corona – When in Rome as they say so you need to drink the local lagers, so for me it’s Corona’s all day long.

3. The crowd – Where would we be without your lovely selves! The crowd at BPM never disappoints!

How do you prepare for a 10 day festival like this?

I tend to get everything ready just after New Years eve music wise and also plan a lot on the plane as the Christmas period can take up a lot of your time. All you need is your mobile, money, USB sticks (if you’re a DJ), shorts and flip flops.

For people attending the party for the first time, what would you recommend?

Definitely get yourself to the Toolroom, Pete Tong and Carl Cox parties. Each year I always attend these parties and they never, ever disappoint. I would definitely recommend getting the weeks pass as well, as this allows you to walk in and out from party to party. The parties during the day and at night are all located really close together so it’s ideal to have one of the passes!


“Heading to the Playa Del Carmena for the BPM Festival is such a good way to get the new year off to a great start, with over 150 acts across 10 days, nonstop partying in glorious sunshine and on sandy beaches what more could you ask for…
– Mark Storie, Artist Manager