Toolroom Academy Live

‘What we’re doing with the Toolroom Academy live events is breaking down the wall between the label and the producer’ – Stuart Knight, Toolroom Founder.


The Toolroom Academy live experiences are truly unique opportunities for the producer community…

We invite our artist roster to give live demonstrations of how they make their music; we offer 1-1 A&R feedback to all producers who attend; and we encourage people to network and make connections with the Toolroom team.



They are some of the most memorable events we’ve ever done at the label, and not only that – they’ve been a great source of finding new talent. So far we have run these events in Tokyo, Dubai, Amsterdam, Toronto – and we are returning to Brighton on 27 April with our biggest event to date.



The Academy Live events were born out of seeing a studio master give a stunning, off-the-cuff demonstration in front of a small audience.We launched the Toolroom Academy at ADE 2015 – initially as a series of online production courses – and to mark the occasion we invited Harry Romero to give a short demo of how he built a beat from scratch. By chance, we were filming the session, and even released it as an online course – but we also came to realize that these live production events could be something special.


New Discoveries

Running these Academy events has meant we’ve met many new producers – some at the early stages of their production journey, and some who are at the point of releasing music professionally. At BMC 2016, we signed to two tracks, from Wheats and Gaston Zani.


‘I came to the event with a few friends – we all knew about Toolroom, but we didn’t think the day would be as in-depth as it was. I particularly took a look from Prok & Fitch’s session, and have applied a couple of their tips to my own productions.

Best of all was the A&R feedback. The guys were playing the tracks in front of everyone and giving feedback – I remember George (Ankrett, Toolroom Head of Music) saying that if they could clear the vocal, they would sign it. And they did, and the track went out on Ibiza 2016.

Going to the Academy event definitely helped me. It’s how I met the Toolroom guys, who I’m working with closely now. And I’ve since signed tracks to CR2 and Madtech as well. I’d definitely recommend it to any producers out there.’


‘To be honest my experience at the Toolroom Academy at the BMC couldn’t be better. I learned some great stuff from Funkagenda and Prok & Fitch, but what made me think that Toolroom really supports new talent was the demo drop.’

Listening to our music live and helping us with feedback – live, and then also a few days after by email – was very much appreciated. I was so lucky and glad when my track was chosen by the Toolroom team and released on “Ibiza U/G 2016”. It got charted on TOP #24 Techno on Beatport, which was amazing.

I know how difficult is to get signed by Toolroom and the Academy session was a really big opportunity for me to make it real and get closer to the Toolroom team – I even flew from Spain (i live in Barcelona) because i didn’t want to miss that chance.’


This year, we’ve beefed up the programme even more.

One thing producers crave above anything is meaningful feedback on their tracks. Making an allstar A&R panel, label boss Mark Knight joins local duo Prok & Fitch to offer guidance and advice on the demos submitted.

Josh Butler makes his debut for the Toolroom Academy – one of the most revered young producers of the last few years, he’ll give a session on how he makes that high-calibre, original House sound.

Genre pioneer D.Ramirez – known for his groundbreaking productions in Tech House with Toolroom and many other labels, will give an insightful session on getting tracks over the finish line to a finished state.

Finally, new Toolroom signing Ben Remember – who’s been championed by Annie Mac for his fresh sound – will be building a groove live, from scratch.

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