Hailing from Frankfurt, Germany, we welcome Felix Krocher to the Rhythm Distrikt family. He has helped to shape the Electronic music scene since the mid 2000s and has played at events on his own home soil such as Time Warp, SonneMondSterne, NATURE ONE and MAYDAY. But Felix is no stranger to any intentional events and has played at the likes of Wire in Japan, RaveOnSnow in Austria and ADE in the Netherlands. Not only famous and adored for his Techno sets, but his passion for the Electronic music scene. We caught up with Felix about his latest release on Rhythm Distrikt, the influence Frankhurt has had on his music and the scene there at the moment…


Have you always been a fan of Electronic music?

Yes, definitely! Ever since I’ve found my interest in music, I was a fan of electronic music. Sure, sometimes there´s time for other music types… But my heart´s beating for Techno!

Has Frankfurt had a big influence on your music?

You betcha! Looking back, I could not think of another city. Though it has gotten a little quiet there these days. When I grew up, the elite of electronic DJs were residing in Frankfurt. The whole city was under the electronic mood of Sven Väth, Chris Liebing, and all the big names. So I am proud of my city!

How would you describe the music scene there?

As I mentioned earlier, it´s gotten a little quiet, like the closing of Cocoon, and the U60. I think the audience is still there and waiting, however at the moment nobody is taking the chance to open a new club for them, but you never know…

Are there any other countries inspire you musically?

I don’t think I would be able to pick out a specific country. Travelling throughout the world really inspires me musically. I think that all of those countries and their music scenes have also influenced my current style.

Where would you say is your favourite place to play?

There are so many! To be politically correct…If the audience and the mood is right, any place is the right place to play.

How was it playing at Time Warp in Mannheim this year?

Ah, okay, now I remember a specific place to have a good party… Time Warp is my home, playing there was one of the highlights in my career. Everything is perfect. The organization, there could be no better Line-up, and most of all the audience!


Since your album LÄUFT in 2011, how has your style changed?

It’s always changing, but after all it’s still TECHNO. I think it would be boring being stuck and not having any changes!

Do you have any special plans for the Summer? What’s next for Felix Krocher?

Beside all the festival and club dates I am playing during the summer, I have a few more tracks and EP’s in the pipeline, some remixes for example for Alle Farben, Yellow Heads, Mr. Bizz and other great artists. Also I hope to release some more material on Rhythm Distrikt and maybe Toolroom Trax… Stay tuned!

Rhythm Distrikt is out now!