Ben Remember is now a long-standing member of the Toolroom family.
From sending demos 4 years ago and signing album exclusives, he has gone on to release EP’s on the flagship Toolroom label and is now one of the teachers of the Toolroom Academy. We managed to tear him away from his studio for a quick fire round of questions!

Ableton or Cubase?

Ableton but I still love Cubase!

In the box or out the box?

Both! 100% the way to go

Dream piece of kit to own would be?

Maybe an original TR909 or TB303…

Studio food of choice?

Pot Noodle!

Studio drink of choice?

Tea…Or coffee, if I’m feeling dangerous.

Producing during the day or at night?

Both, depending on how I feel, or what I’m working on.

Slate or UAD?

UAD… but slate is alright!

Music theory or wing it?

Wing it! Get creative!

What comes first… the melody or drums?

Depends on the day!

Favourite piece of kit in your studio?

My Sequential Circuits PRO ONE

Car test… or club test?

Club, the car test is bad idea!

What’s the one plug-in you can’t live without?


Describe your studio…

I look at my studio as one big musical instrument.

Longest studio stint?

I do 12 or 13 hours days as standard… and I still go back for more some days!

“Track002” is out now on Toolroom Trax!