Where in the world are you both right now?

At home in Belgium, enjoying summer weather during the first days of spring.

‘Magnetic’ marks you first artist album on Toolroom Trax, what story are you telling with the album?

The album was all about expanding our horizons. Producing an album opens up creative possibilities that you don’t have with a regular dance floor oriented release. It allowed us to stretch out and broaden our musical spectrum. The album has a wide range of electronic styles from downtempo tunes, more ‘Housey’ tracks all the way to tougher Techno while still maintaining the overall Filterheadz sound.

How long did this take you to put together?

It took a few years. We were not in a hurry as we wanted to take our time to explore new sounds and production techniques.

If you describe the album in 3 words what would it be?

Energetic. Rhythmic. Melodic


What is your DAW of choice? Ableton Live is our DAW of choice.

Why do you use this and not anything else?

We’ve been using Ableton Live as our main DAW for over 10 years now. We feel it’s still has the best workflow for our way of working. Having that said, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, they all have some great features that we would love to see implemented in Ableton Live. In the end it all comes down to capture ideas as easy as possible and to play around with them in the most flexible way. You don’t want a DAW that holds you back when you want try something new or experiment.

How is your studio currently setup? Are you mostly in-the-box, do you use any outboard gear? Any equipment, which is really essential to what you do?

2 Macbooks, Ableton Push, a Pioneer Nexus setup and big PMC speakers. That’s all. We mainly use the Ableton stock plugins. Our sound is mostly sample based. For example, if you take the lead sound in Flying Colours, it’s six layers of samples, including piano, strings, flutes, bells, percussion to build one unique sound. We rarely just use one synth sound, there is always some samples mixed in to give it that extra depth.

Anything on the Filterheadz’ hardware wish list?

New Macbooks!

What’s next for the Filterheadz in 2017?

More music, more touring, more fun!

Magnetic is out now!