Celebrating the BPM’s 10th year, we caught up with the BPM co-founder Craig Pettigrew for a very special interview!


1. First up, congratulations on 10 years of BPM. Did you expect you’d hit this milestone when you first set up the festival?

Thank you. It was suppose to be for friends, family & fellow coworkers and with people the industry who became family. We didn’t expect to see the festival become what it is today.

2. I expect a lot of people think BPM stands for beats per minute, but that’s not the case is it? Can you tell us what it actually stands for, and what the original idea for the festival was?

BPM stands for Bartenders, Promoters and Musicians. This goes back to our roots, again starting a industry targeted festival. A time for those to let loose after the busy holiday season.

3. When did you first realise that it was going to become much bigger than just an industry-focussed event?

Year 2, was the year the really took off. I think it was apparent to all involved at that point that BPM was going to become something more than expected.

4. There are hundreds – if not thousands – of large-scale events and festivals around the world each year… what sets BPM apart?

The diversity in the lineup, we are very focused on bringing a variety of underground sounds. We also differ, as we use Playa Del Carmen entire cityscape as our platform. This makes us stand out for “one-field” festivals.

5. How has the music and booking policy of the festival developed over the last 10 years?

We are lucky to have such strong relationships with artists, labels & agencies. It becomes a family affair to share ideas of events that we want to create as a collective. We always have the last say, but our we invite each showcase to bring in what is unique to their events, and give it The BPM Festival spin to top it off.


6. Toolroom return for their 5th Showcase event at BPM… what is it about the label and artists on their roster that works for BPM?

Toolroom being one of the world largest tech-house focused labels makes it a great fit musically for what we are doing throughout the festival. Mark Knight curates a lineup with showcases new talent, as well as bringing back some BPM favorites year after year.

7. What has been your proudest moment in the years you’ve been involved with the festival?

There have been so many. It’s hard to single one out in particular, but something i’ll never forget was the first time we brought Carl Cox.

8 And your personal favourite DJ set, if you had to pick just one?

Another tough one. If I had to say, it would be Danny Tengalia NYE going into New Year’s day 2012 at Circoloco.

9. 2016 has been a pretty crazy year, but electronic music seems to the thriving like never before. How important is it that events like BPM and others are allowed to continue, and not be regulated out of existence?

Music culture is ever changing, and I think the rising popularity for underground techno & house events is reflective of what our population needs most. To connect without boarders & find similarities where one might assume differences.

10. What do you see for the future of BPM? Will it still be going as strong in another 10 years?

I truly hope so, we are looking to expand the festival to a global platform. We hope we can achieve this & bring The BPM Festival closer to our fans homes worldwide.