You two are in fact cousins! Does this make things easier or harder for you?

Easier for sure! We grew up together and we went through about every fight and every scenario so now it’s only good vibes!

When did you two know you wanted to become a duo?

About 12 years ago, we were sharing and making music separately and one time we did a collaboration. From that point everything changed and the rest is history.

This is your second release on Toolroom, why are we the perfect outlet for Sllash & Doppe?

We’ve been big fans of the label from day one, before we started Sllash & Doppe. So releasing music on this mighty label is a dream come true. Thank you guys for letting us be part of this awesome family! YOU ROCK!

What do each of you bring to a DJ set and productions?

We both are involved in choosing the right music for the sets and cooking beats! It’s more fun like this.

How does working as a duo work in the studio?

Good times!

What’s next for Sllash & Doppe?

Making beats it’s all we know, so more productions and hopefully more gigs! BOOM!

‘Alegria’ is out now!