When talking about South American electronic artists, there is one that leads the pack: his name is Adrian Hour, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Announced as one of the Toolroom #Reset residents in late 2014, Adrian Hour has taken the scene by storm. Weaving from Tech-house to Techno, his productions such as ‘Like This’ showcase how he is able to work every genre perfectly. Playing everything from Jamie XX to Pan Pot to Kevin Over, Adrian plays passionately and knows how to work a crowd.


Where in the world are you right now?

I’m currently in Argentina spending the last days with my family after a long trip with gigs in London, Montreal, BPM, Chile and Argentina and before I head back to Berlin!

You have a very demanding tour schedule, how do you divide your time to traveling and studio time? Do you ever have to produce music on the road?

I write most of my music on the road actually, it’s kind of difficult to find the time to sit and make music in the studio with a busy touring schedule. It works for me right now, and i have a setup that allows me to produce on the road with some final tweaks later. I’d love to spend more time in the studio, but sometimes it is difficult. I find working on music and traveling so inspiring.

If you could grab an hour’s respite, how would you spend it?

I would spend it swimming or doing some sport. I really need it!

How often are you working on new music?

I use time at the airports or some flights to create new ideas and when I get home I finish them and select which one are really good to play.

Adrian Hour in 5 records?

Ame – Rej
Supermayer – Two Of Us
Nathan Fake – The sky was pink
Marco Carola – Avalanche
Green Velvet – Flash (Danny Tenaglia ‘s nitrous Oxide mix)

What places and experiences did you have in mind when you were producing your ‘Love Something’ EP?

I think it was a mixture of feelings while a was traveling to different parts of the world, and I thought it would be good to make some melodic and strong track, something very passionate! And that’s how “Love Something” was born. “Don’t Stop” is the younger brother of “Like This” – I tried to make something with that kind of energy for my sets.

What’s you favourite hour for making music? Are you a lark or a night owl?

I’m definitely a night owl! It’s so easy for me to wake up late and go to sleep very late everyday. My favourite hour for making music is at 2 or 3 am, when everyone goes to sleep and it’s peaceful, my “night sense” is activated.

Do you ever suffer from ‘writers block’ and if so how do you get past it?

Of course I do and I hate when it happens. But in those moments I switch my mode and do all the other parts of my work….sending emails, buying some music, listening to new promos, etc. I never force myself to make some new music because it just wont happen. I need to be the headspace, I need my ideas to grow.

What’s your ‘if all else fails’ track?

It depends of the type of party, but normally it is a house track… They never fail! “Hear what they hear” is a good example!

What is your all time classic track?

What is the first track you bought on vinyl?

I used to play my father’s records when I was young, but the first vinyl I bought with my money was “Discovery” Daft Punk.


What is the first album you bought?

I think it was “Surrender” from Chemical brothers.


Last 3 Beatport purchases?

Ola Kvernberg – The Mechanical Fair (Todd Terje Remix)
Trikk – Florista
Kevin Over – Boney

Adrian Hour’s ‘Love Something’ EP is out now!