We asked Tuff London and Ben Remember 20 questions… Here’s what we got!

DAW of choice?

Ben Remember: Cubase

Tuff London:  Logic with a splash of Ableton

When did you begin making music?

Ben Remember: Not as long ago as those two started.

Ben (Tuff London): I started work in a commercial studio at the age of 18 as a Tea boy and tape operator! One of my actual jobs was to skin up for the artists that can through the doors ! At the same time I was being trained to be an engineer . I got my first record deal with MCA at 19 with a Hardcore track that sampled the Nintendo game boy!

Sam (Tuff London): Back in the 2000’s when I was a wide eyed 16 year old that had just discovered Dance Music

What is something you wish you knew before you began making music?

Ben Remember: how to get a real job! ha.

Ben (Tuff London): Never grow your hair long and have a ponytail it’s never a good look . Also some of the ins and outs of the business side.

Sam (Tuff London): Never eat fish in the studio and always make music that you love!

What are you listening to at the moment?

Ben Remember: I listen to demos and promos a lot. If I get a chance to chill the OST from Dunkirk is stupidly good.

Ben (Tuff London):  Not just saying this but the new Weiss & Christian Neilson track ” Say It To Me” has been on repeat.

Sam (Tuff London): The new Krafty Kuts funk & soul mix tape is sick!

First vinyl you bought?

Ben Remember: Greece 2000

Ben (Tuff London): The Paul HardCastle album with N N N Nineteen on. I was about 9

Sam (Tuff London): Hyperlogic – Only Me

3 words to describe the EP?

Ben Remember: You Should Dance

Ben (Tuff London): It’s a banger!

Sam (Tuff London): Big as fuck.

The best thing about working with Tuff London…

Ben Remember: Both legends from Hard House in my eyes! We all have similar views on music so it’s always good fun!

The best thing about working with Ben Remember…

Tuff London: We were on the same page musically. He is easy to work with and open minded on top of being a great producer and Sam says he has come to bed eyes.

What did each of you bring to the collaboration?

Ben Remember: Bit of this, bit of that. I’d say that through both tracks we have all dabbled in all area’s of the tracks.

Tuff London: It really was a case of bouncing the track back and forwards till we were all happy .

If you had your own band what would they be called and who else would be in it?

Ben Remember: DEATH TO TECHNO! The band would be like anonymous! No one is in the band, yet all are the band

Tuff London: It would be a band focused on Cockney anthems & classics called “Remembering London”.

One song you wish you produced?

Ben Remember: uurmmm. Barbie Girl …no , Sweet Like Chocolate.

Tuff London: Happy birthday or the theme to countdown.

Describe your studio…

Ben Remember: Happy place

Tuff London: A room where dreams become reality and a place that gets really warm in the summer and freezing in the summer.

Newest piece of studio equipment?

Ben Remember: Console 1 mk2

Tuff London:  The new UAD Apollo duo.

Favourite plug in?

Ben Remember: pfff, this changes depending on the song and the task at hand. 1176 limiter by UAD is amazing, but there are so many others I love just as much!

Tuff London:  We like the classics air wick lavender meadow Sam prefers Vanilla Bean Or Anything buy UAD Especially the Pultec Eqs.

Favourite city to play?

Ben Remember: I’ve never not loved a city when I’ve played there.

Ben (Tuff London): Different cites for different reasons. Tokyo because I just love the city . Auckland and anywhere in Scotland or Ireland because the crowds go off so much .

Sam (Tuff London): Home town shows are always special, and of course LONDON 😉

Favourite producer / DJ at the moment?

Ben Remember: I haven’t been paying attention to what everyone else is doing that much.

Tuff London: We still love Carl Cox! The Don.

Studio food of choice…

Ben Remember: Potnoodle, obviously!!

Ben (Tuff London): Thai would always be a winner.

Sam (Tuff London): Not fish.

The key to being able to work in the studio for long hours is…

Ben Remember: If you ned to ask, then you’ll never know.

Tuff London:  Always grab the comfortable seat first . Take breaks . Sometimes popping down the pub for a pint is better than going round in circles so you come back with fresh ears .

When do you feel the most creative?

Ben Remember: No rule on that. Sometimes first thing… sometimes after lunch. Sometimes i just get that itch to be creative

Tuff London: Usually after a great gig or when we’ve been out clubbing ourselves.

What’s in your Beatport cart right now?

Ben Remember: Loads of amazing music around but I like playing my own music and music made by my mates.

Tuff London: Just bought the new Bicep album and the new Camelphat track ‘Monsters’ on Sola has been on pre-order.

Last vinyl you bought?

Ben Remember: Why would you remind me that i don’t buy Vinyl anymore!

You can grab Tuff London & Ben Remember’s brand new EP, ‘Save My Soul’ now!