A suite of courses, educational events and production tools, the Toolroom Academy is the perfect home for those wishing to learn about the art of both DJing and producing.

What’s different about us, is that you’re taught by REAL ARTISTS. Acts who still enjoy success on a global scale, and who have the knowledge to match. We believe that learning from artists like of Mark Knight, Umek, Harry Romero, D.Ramirez (and many more) is the best way to learn.

We also know our curriculum is the freshest and most relevant it can be – because it’s devised by the people who have discovered and nurtured some of the biggest names in our scene. Our A&R team are behind all of courses, and they ensure everything we teach is credible and up-to-date. Also with the Toolroom Academy, you’re surrounded by people who share the same musical passion. All of our courses and events are based around a love and deep knowledge of House, Tech House and Techno.


The Toolroom Academy has 5 main elements:


Our online courses are in partnership with Faderpro, and start from as little as $29. The 1-1, face-to-face Production Masterclass course – in association with Matrix Sessions – is taught in either LA, Orange County, London or Toolroom HQ.


Based in Toolroom HQ, our exclusive DJ classes cater for beginner to advanced levels, and offer small class sizes for an individual learning experience.


Our unique Academy Live events are a great chance to see world-renowned producers in the flesh, and get A&R feedback from team Toolroom. Events so far in Dubai, Brighton, Birmingham, Toronto, Tokyo and Amsterdam have been sold out and resulted in 3 new signings to the label.


Our best-selling sample pack series are essential tools to turbo-charge your productions. Featuring some of the key artists in the Toolroom roster, you’ll find crystal-clear, royalty free samples that let you get creative.


The final part of the production process, but one of the most important. Our mastering engineer has 15 years of production experience and masters for Mark Knight, Weiss, Adrian Hour and the whole Toolroom roster. Get your productions over the finish line through Toolroom.