Speaking Groove EP

Adrian Hour

Adrian Hour has been providing some outstanding tracks for Toolroom Records over the past year, with ‘Shoot To Thrill’ proving a firm favourite on La Terraza at Space and ‘Ethno’ on the recent ‘Rhythm Distrikt 03’ compilation having wowed the Toolroom faithful. Adrian Hour now cements this success with his debut solo release on Toolroom Records, his ‘Speaking Groove EP’.

With a penchant for quality techno and tech house tunes, Adrian Hour’s ‘Speaking Groove EP’ carries that trademark techy sound throughout its three tracks. Leading the EP, ‘Speaking Groove’ is a dark and atmospheric track with a cool groove, rolling bass and reverb-laden vocals that combine to create an accomplished tech tune. Next up, ‘Old Future’ balances the metallic bite of the percussion with a throbbing bass and throws in a distorted vocal sample that echoes around the track at choice moments; this is one for the dancefloor. Concluding the EP, ‘She’ is an encapsulating track that draws the listener in with a hypnotising melody layered over a soft bass with minimal and precise percussion.

Taken together, these tracks create a techy soundscape for you to sink into. A star in the making, get your hands on Adrian Hour’s ‘Speaking Groove EP’.

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