Title Artist Price    
Whatcha Gonna Do Whatcha Gonna Do Hi Fashion, Maria Lawson £5.00 BUY
Let The Music (Use You) Let The Music (Use You) Allister Whitehead, The Sam Poole Orchestra £1.50 BUY
Knock U Over Knock U Over Granite, Phunk £2.30 BUY
Sweet Child Sweet Child Punkrok £1.50 BUY
Filthy House EP Filthy House EP Mark Knight £3.00 BUY
I Feel Good I Feel Good Audiodrive £2.30 BUY
Trim My Triangle EP Trim My Triangle EP The Hedgetrimerz £1.50 BUY
I Can See You Dancin I Can See You Dancin The Beginerz, Def E £1.50 BUY
Royal Bengal Royal Bengal Shahi £1.50 BUY
High High K-Boy £1.50 BUY
In The Beginning In The Beginning Hool, Bruckheimer £1.50 BUY