The Great UMEK Album Give-Away!

The Great UMEK Album Give-Away!

With one huge ‘Toolroom Knights’ compilation already under his belt, UMEK has returned to Toolroom Records to provide us with an update on the global techno scene via his ‘Toolroom Knights Mixed By UMEK 2.0’ compilation.

With 14 huge album exclusives, ‘Toolroom Knights Mixed By UMEK 2.0’ is full of blistering techno cuts, mixed especially to give you that distinctive feeling only experienced at one of UMEK’s explosive live shows.

To celebrate the release of this stunning 2-disc CD album, we are giving away an UMEK album for free!
Anyone who buys ‘Toolroom Knights Mixed By UMEK 2.0’ will get UMEK & Beltek’s awesome artist album ‘Out Of Play’ for free!

So, get over to our shop now and get your hands on these 2 massive tech masterpieces!

* Offer ends midnight Monday 27th May.
* Offer applies to CDs albums only; not digital releases.
* 'Out of Play' will be sent with 'Toolroom Knights Mixed By UMEK 2.0' - you do not need to add it to your shopping cart.


Posted: 17th May 13