Prok & Fitch – Top 5 House Tracks With Soulful Vocals

Prok & Fitch – Top 5 House Tracks With Soulful Vocals





After the release of the eagerly anticipated ‘Man With Soul’, we sat down with Prok & Fitch to find out their top 5 house tracks with soulful vocals:



1. Todd Terry – ‘Something Going On’ (Ben)

Pretty much our favourite all time producer, and this is without doubt one of his finest. This was one of the records that got me into clubbing; an amazing uplifting vocal that pretty much never fails on the dancefloor. We were both gagging to do our own version of this when Todd gave us the acapella for this at WMC years ago.
2. Kraak and Smack feat Ben Westbeech – ‘The Future’ (James)

We we were fortunate enough to be able to remix this track after having it on in the car and on the iPod playlist due to getting it months in advance of its release. So much power yet so much soul is rare in a vocal. This has the drive to make you dance, but still that soul that makes you fist punch your chest while you shut your eyes and get your groove on to it.

3. Sono - ‘Keep Control’ (Ben)

Timeless vocal, that seems to get a rework every other year. Remember the first time hearing this, was at Homelands in the Space tent; the sound system was really good and out of nowhere this haunting vocal came in; the tent went crazy and was a true musical moment that I’ll never forget.

4. Ron Carroll – ‘Back Together’ (James)

Ron's finest hour! Such a great song that's stuck in my head for many years. I remember there being a reprise of this that I used to play, just to let that vocal stand on it's own, with no beats or interference. Rarely do house vocals have this much depth to them, great record!!
5. John Cutler - ‘It's Yours’ (Ben)

Great record, and what a great vocal, comes from the era of some iconic records, and this really stood out. Hearing this brings back so many great partying memories, with good friends in the funky room at Pacha.

Prok & Fitch Feat Max Linen – ‘Man With Soul’ is out now on Beatport.

Posted: 14th Feb 14