New Demo Feedback

New Demo Feedback

Our demo submissions chart continues to develop and transform as more and more tracks are submitted and more and more fans cast their votes.
This week, our head of A&R George Andrews took some time to give feedback on a few of the tracks outside the top 10 that caught his eye:

Argis Caushaj – ‘She Will Be Loved (Argees Remix)’

This is a good, solid entry with good ideas and a nice groove. A couple of improvements would be to add a bit more swing on the drums and a few snares. You’ll have problems with a big sample so it would be good to get an original vocal – a garagey vocal would be great. Overall, though, I really like the vibe of the track.

Rojin Abraham – ‘Keyboards In The Sky (Ext Chill Mix)’

This demo is something a little bit different, with all the parts taken from Traktor Remix Sets. It’s interesting to see how the equipment dictates how the music is written. In the future, you could jam out ideas on a remix deck and work on the arrangement on a more traditional production tool.

Kieran Frearson – ‘S O U L’
This is a nice idea and the parts that you’ve written are good. Some of the sounds aren’t quite right though and the vocal doesn’t sit quite right so it would be good to pay some attention to those. The groove is really nice and making these alterations will make a big difference to the finished track.

Thanks to the above producers for their demos – I hope you find this feedback useful. Feel free to amend and adjust your tracks and resubmit them to the chart or submit alternatives.
And thanks to everyone else who has submitted tracks so far and who has voted and commented on tracks. We really appreciate you submitting your demos to us and we listen to each and every one.

Next week, Prok & Fitch will be our special guest reviewers – providing you feedback alongside our A&R team’s official feedback for the top 10 – stay tuned!

To listen to the demos listed above or submit your own demo, go to the wavo chart.

Posted: 31st Jan 14