Fan Interview: Ask Prince Club

Fan Interview: Ask Prince Club

We just can’t wait to have Prince Club over for Toolroom Knights at Mansion Southend this Saturday!
So, to get you all in the mood for what is sure to be another awesome night, we gave you the chance to get to know the guys better.
Read on to find out if we put your questions to Max and Zach and to see what the guys had to say!

What other names did you call yourself before settling on Prince Club?

Zach: We were first called MadKids after Max and I decided to call it quits from being in a "post-hardcore" band. Then, after experimenting with numerous sub-genres such as Fidget, Dubstep, Electro, B-More and 2-Step, we decided to concentrate our energy towards what had been MadKids’ latest passion, House music.
Max:  It was just a name we came up with to have a moniker to release under. It was also the fidget era so at that time it felt okay to have that kind of name

What’s your favourite album of all time?
Z: Too hard of a question. I would say Dude Ranch by Blink 182 hahaha. I knew every word. It got me through my pre-teen years, most of my childhood actually. Long live this band.
M:  Wow that’s a hard one! There are so many albums that left a mark on my life to this point. But I’d have to say LIFE ON A PLATE by Millencolin. It was the first CD I bought. I was a huge Millencolin fan when I was 12 or 13. I remember going to buy that CD with my own money and playing in on my Discman for at least 3 months on repeat.

Your background is in rock music. How do you think this affects your approach to making house music and your sound?
Z: The energy, the way we behave off stage and even on stage I would stay. We are not the type to light candles and meditate on how great of a selection we have. We love good old-fashioned party manners and the right hooks and grooves; same goes for music production.
M: I think it shaped our sound in a way that we make very club-ready tracks. As a drummer I used to be the one keeping track of the structure in our songs and that translated into how I make songs now. Our songs have a very "Club ready" structure; a Verse/Chorus/Break/Chorus type of structure.

If you could compare your dynamic to any duo, who would it be?

M: hahaha that’s a good one! hmmmm… I’d have to say the guys from Waynes’ World.
The loyalty/brotherhood that Zach and I have for one another resembles that between Wayne and Garth hahaha.
Z:  Django and the German Doctor. I feel we’d find a common joy in killing bad guys for money haha. Kidding but yeah the companionship between these two characters is something I would relate to Max & I.

Who would you like to collaborate with?
Z: Max has already worked with him on a non-dance project, but for a PC original: MK, The Don as we like to call him. He is an enormous influence to us, legendary producer.
M: Definitely. I’d also love to make something with our label boss Mark Knight, a mainstage peak time, festival destroyer.

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?
M: That’s easy: I’d be a cat. Laying around all day, get scratched and petted. Cats have the best life possible. That or another cool feline!
Z:  A tiger. They can do as they please all day without having to constantly prove their dominance. They’re also powerful and elegant when it comes to action. They’re qualities I’ve grown to admire.

Do you guys still live apart?
M: Yes, but not for long! Zach has been in London for the past year and I’ve been going back and forth between Montreal and Los Angeles. Now I’m making the move to join him in London so we can start touring together again. We always have such a great time playing and touring together. We’ve missed playing and making music together so I thought it would be my best option.
Z: We've done the most we could living apart, playing as much as we could in both Europe and America but the time has finally come and we couldn't be more excited.

If there was a film made of ‘The Prince Club Story’, which actors would you like to play each of you?
M: I’ve had people tell me I look like Tom Hardy. I’m still on the fence about that one. But He seems pretty bad-ass and I’m more of a gentle, non-confrontational person.
Z: Quentin Tarantino. We kinda look alike and he's an absolute genius; His mind, his eccentric personality. That would simply be out of this world.

Have  you played at Toolroom Knights before? Where was it and what was it like?
M: Yes we had to chance to play a Toolroom party in Montreal. It was awesome, made you feel like you’repart of something massive. Meeting  Mark Knight was also a great honour. He's such an awesome guy and couldn't think of anyone better to help build young producers like myself.

What can we expect from your set at Mansion Southend?
Z: Good raw fun, like I stated earlier We love to play, love to party while going different places musically. Absolutely thrilled to be playing this night.
M: Loads of fun, vibes , smiles , good house music and lots of Jaegermeister. We want to show those in the crowd that we are solid house Djs , whether it’s in a million dollar club like Mansion or a day time party in Barcelona. We want to show people that we know how to adapt to a certain night while still retaining our true house identity!

Join Prince Club, Mark Storie and Diason Paye at Toolroom Knights at Mansion Southend this Saturday!
More info available here.

Posted: 26th Jun 13