EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Mark Knight & ‘The Return Of Wolfy’

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Mark Knight & ‘The Return Of Wolfy’

Premiered at the Miami WMC and released this week, Mark Knight's ‘The Return Of Wolfy’ is already proving popular with the likes of Fatboy Slim, David Guetta, Tiësto and more. Accompanying the track is an exceptional video that follows the shadowy figure, Wolfy, on a vengeful mission.

Earlier this week, Mark Knight took a few minutes out to give us the lowdown on Wolfy: the track, the video and more.

Toolroom Records: It's been a busy year so far here at Toolroom HQ, how have you found it?
Mark Knight: Yeah, it’s been a good year and a year of change; we're only just getting started really.
Turning 10 last year means this year is all about refocussing what we’re about musically and a lot of focus on artist development. We've got some great Toolroom Knights events planned and festivals coming up where I'll be sharing the decks with Weiss, Prok & Fitch, Tough Love and more. Artist development has been a major part of what we’ve been doing at the beginning of the year.
We're really looking forward to the summer. Now everyone's back from Miami, we can really focus on Ibiza - that’s the next big milestone for the year. I think it’s our fifth or sixth season in Ibiza so, yeah, we're getting that ready to launch ad will have some announcements soon.
In terms of productions, obviously there's the ‘Wolfy’ record that I’ve just done and the support from DJs, radio, press and fans for that has just been great.

TR: For anyone who hasn't heard 'The Return Of Wolfy' (and who should click here to listen), can you describe the track for us?
MK: Sure. Here at Toolroom, we think that quality House music is timeless; Frankie Knuckles' 'Your Love' is a topical example of this. 'The Return Of Wolfy' kind of optimises our ethos - it's an anthemic, piano-led classic House track that will hopefully work as well on the dancefloor in twenty years time as it does now.

TR: Let's talk about the video now - where did the idea come from?

MK: The video for 'The Return Of Wolfy' is part of an idea I had for a trilogy of videos starring a character who's coming back against all the odds.
We were really happy to get Blake Harrison from The Inbetweeners onboard to play the part of Wolfy. I like to make music that is filled with movement and drama so I think the video and the track work really well together.

TR: We know a producer never stops working, so what tracks have you got lined up next?

MK: When I'm not touring or spending time with Rupert, I'm in the studio working on the next ‘Bullets’ EP and lots of other sorts of tracks that I’m lining up for throughout the summer and the rest of the year so stay tuned, more news to come soon!

Mark Knight's 'The Return Of Wolfy' is out now on Beatport.

Posted: 11th Apr 14