Demo Feedback With Prok & Fitch

Demo Feedback With Prok & Fitch

Our demo submissions chart is going from strength to strength with over 925 submissions and over 8000 votes cast!

As a special thank you, this week we welcome Prok & Fitch as our guest reviewers, who will be reviewing the top 3 tracks in the chart & our head of A&R, Pete Griffiths, will be going one step further to make sure that those who just missed out on the top 10 get the feedback they deserve:

Feedback From Prok & Fitch

1. Dualitik & Joe Mesmar - 'Machines'

Nice groove and the arrangement works nicely; however we felt the drum sounds could do with a lot more treatment to make them sound bigger and more original. We felt sounds like the clap should be changed, or layered; EQ wise it all sounds a bit toppy and is missing some punch in the bottom end. The breakdown works really well, and generally a solid idea for a track. 

2. Jose Zaragoza - 'Were On It (Revamped)'

The mixdown on the track was pretty solid; this is definitely one for the darker floors. We felt the track was missing a hook to make it stand out. Despite the mixdown sounding good, it could sound better with a warmer rounder kick drum; the bass could also do with some light compression to fill it up a bit more. The arrangement works really well and flows; however there were maybe a few too many fills straight after the breakdown. Good solid idea for the techno heads.

3. Ability Electronic Music - 'My Head'

This is really well produced, with a nice groove and some really cool, original sounds. Some of the synths sounds, especially the lead pad, could sit in the mix a bit better and the sound could be worked slightly more to make it a bit edgier. In parts it does feel like the groove is overpowered by the pad sound, which features too much in the track in our opinion. Overall though it's a cool track that is not too far off the Toolroom benchmark.

Feedback From Pete Griffiths

4. Rojin Abraham – ‘Keyboards In The Sky (Ext Chill Mix)’

See last week’s feedback.

5. Sun, Fyzo, Coldberg – ‘I Can Fix’

This is a good demo submission. All the components work well together and the arrangement is well thought out. The top end of the percussion needs tidying up to make it clearer and take it to the next level. This would benefit from a slightly more professional mix down and master. This is a good, solid demo submission overall.

6. Deejay Mo – ‘The Red Light’

It would have been nice to be able to hear the full track so that we could provide feedback on the introduction and full arrangement. This track has a good, driving energy, but would benefit from adding layers to the chords and main synth line. The mix down needs some work, as the effects in the breakdown are a little too loud. This is a nice submission; it just needs some time spent giving that extra 10% on the mix down and finish.

7. Mokihaan – ‘Munki Sizzle’

This is a nice submission. The bass chords do need to be stronger to enhance them and give them more depth, warmth and emotion and attention needs to be paid to the levels in mix down. Overall, there is a nice feel to the sound you’re trying to achieve, you just need to focus on the mix down to pull the drums through to help drive the track.

8. Daniel Batson & Greg Luchesse – ‘Needa (RM)’

This is a darker, more minimal track, which has a good flow. The percussion needs tidying up to get it tighter to the drums. The vocal stab is a little loud in the mix; try adding some effects to the vocal within parts of the track to make it more dynamic as the track builds and drops. The bassline could do with being a little stronger to make it cut through more. In the mix down, try referencing between your studio and normal stereo speakers. Working on these elements will make a big difference to the finished track.

9. Surge – ‘Future’

We’d like to have heard an extended version so we could hear where the track was going and give more feedback. This track has a great, funky feel; you could try adding a live bass to really enhance that funky vibe. The drums are clean and crisp as well. A good submission overall.

10. Notches – ‘Music Please’

This track has nice drums and percussion, although some of the effects are a bit loud in the mix. The kick would benefit from a little more weight and power and a little more energy could be added in the build up of the break. There are a couple of areas to work on that would give the track that extra 10%.

Special Mentions:

11. Turk – ‘Fully Immersed’

This is a nice idea; the melody of the bassline is catchy and rolls nicely. However, the whole track needs pulling together with more production and more work on the mix down so all parts work together consistently. We’d also suggest adding some compression to the overall mix. This is a nice track and it’s good to see it rising quickly up the chart.

12. Stephen Malik – ‘It’s Just Funk’

This is a really nice demo submission. Stephen has a good grasp of the sound he’s produced and the arrangement flows well; the vocal, bass and organ all work well together. Pay a little attention to the levels of percussion and bring the hats down a little. Also, try giving the piano a little bit more life in the mix, bringing it out in the breakdown. Overall, this is really nice and on trend with sound.

Thanks very much to Prok & Fitch and Pete for their excellent, detailed feedback.
And thank you to the above producers for submitting their tracks – we hope you have found the advice useful. Feel free to amend and adjust your tracks and resubmit them to the chart or submit alternatives.
Thanks to everyone else who has submitted tracks so far and who has voted and commented on tracks. We really appreciate you submitting your demos to us and we listen to each and every one.

Don’t worry if your track didn’t make it into the top 10. Next Wednesday, we will be choosing a few tracks that have caught our eye from outside the top 10 to comment on.

You can view and submit your demos to the Wavo chart here.

Prok & Fitch Feat Max Linen - 'Man With Soul' is out on Monday:

Posted: 5th Feb 14