Demo Feedback with Jamie Kemp

Demo Feedback with Jamie Kemp

It’s our final round of demo feedback for a month, so we continue our hunt for fresh new tracks with a look at some of the gems that didn’t make it into the top 10.

Fresh from the release of the unforgettable ‘The Little Helper’ on ‘Toolroom Miami 2014’, our Licensing Manager, Jamie Kemp, took some time out to give his thoughts on a few of the demos that caught his eye this week:

19. Joe Colangelo – ‘Flips’

This is a good demo submission with a nice idea for the groove. I have a couple of suggestions for you to consider that would improve the track. Try some EQ work on the percussion elements – it’s very  top (high frequency) heavy, as the hats poke through too much in the mix, some of the percussion is also slightly out of time; so spend some time of really perfecting the drum groove, after all it's the basis to any track. A bit more low end in terms of bass would really benefit the track as well. Finally, introducing new elements quicker and taking the track down to 6.5 minutes will make it more interesting overall. These improvements will give the track that extra 20% to make it stand out.

25. Jessica Beau – ‘Electric Circus’

This demo submission is a solid basis to develop a good progressive track from. The percussion is particularly good – the kick works really well with the drums. To make this track stand out, you’ll need to develop a strong hook to give it an identity and a narrative. At the moment, the synths are too thin – it’s a good idea to pick a preset you like and experiment with it to make it different and unique and then layer multiple synths to really get a full and rich sound (a sine wave underneath, low in the mix will always help with some of the low end) and to give the drop more impact. Focus on some detail in terms of effects such as reverb and delay to give the track a bit of movement. Feel free to make these changes to your track and then resubmit it to the chart.

56. Fuck Motherfucker – ‘Surge’

This nice chunky demo has some good ideas that need a few changes. Most noticeably, you need to do a little bit of work to the kick and the drums so they stand out and drive the track more – try EQ and compression work on the kick to really give it some punch and drive. I use the VSC-2 kick drum compressor to really give the drums some bite. To keep the groove interesting, try adding more elements like clever edits, double kicks and filter work to change it slightly and keep the listener guessing. Those are just a few ideas that could really make a difference to the track.

Thanks to Jamie for his excellent feedback and thanks to the above producers for their demos – we hope you find this feedback useful.
And thanks to everyone else who has submitted tracks so far and who has voted and commented on tracks. We really appreciate you submitting your demos to us and we listen to each and every one.

We will next be reviewing the top 10 demo submissions in a month’s time on 26th March – stay tuned!
To listen to the demos listed above or submit your own demo, go to the wavo chart.

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Posted: 26th Feb 14