Rene Amesz


Few people have displayed the disciplined approach to producing that Rene Amesz has in the last ten years. Churning out a steady stream of his unique and dirty sounding tracks, the Rene Amesz sound has been destroying speakers all over the world and it looks like now, it is coming into its own at the opportune time.

Rene’s first success as a producer came when he started producing records for Mid-Town under various monikers. That’s what really started his hunger for his own sound, all based on phat beats, sick grooves and a unique approach towards arrangements and sounds.

In the early days, Rene was responsible for tracks such as ‘Strike Me Down’ on Wally Lopez’s La Factoria Records, the mighty ‘You Make Me Climb The Wall’ on Sander Kleinenberg’s Little Mountain Recordings. Meanwhile, Rene met the guys from Extrema in Holland, who were immediately taken by his determination and approach which resulted in a couple of releases that first showcased Rene’s new sound.

From then onwards Rene’s career took a sharp turn upwards and forwards. Sander Kleinenberg’s imprint Little Mountain successfully released the fierce ‘Back into the Funk’ and lately we’ve seen a bunch of amazing releases come out on labels such as Toolroom Recordings, Spinnin Records, Flamingo, Nervous and Extrema Records, which crossed Rene's sleazy style to bigger masses.

New releases are scheduled for a number of labels and some will find a home at his own  established label 25 Hertz Recordings. His DJ diary is filling up with gigs where fans appreciate the sore muscles you can only get from dancing all night; after all, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Success is glowingly around the corner – bearly close enough to touch with the anticipation of what is yet to come.