Dino Lenny (real name Dino Lanni) first dented the global dance scene in 1989 with his balearic anthem "Cocaine" released on the Italian indie Flying Records . His partners were Claudio Coccoluto & Savino Martinez and amidst DJ commitments for the both of them, they began steering a musical path away from the formuliac early 90's Italian house sound . In 1996 Dino signed his 'White Horses' single to Positiva and set up the Age One studio in Chelsea.

The following year, his label in partnership with Claudio & Savino, Dub Records, scored a huge European hit in 1997 with The Heartist 'Belo Horizonte', the sound track to Ibiza that summer. Dino's and Rob Akers Jamnesia alter ego signed to Incentive imprint IDJ with "Reset & My Memory is Back" (Sasha's exclusive). Soon Playstation were requesting music for their Beatmania game, Dino duly obliged in between remixes for Underworld 'King Of Snake', Ultra Nate Get it up, Donna Lewis Take Me O and many others.

Into the new Millennium Dino has his debut Adam Dived (Dino and Andrea Doria) release on sub-Postiva label Additive. The airmiles are building up between London and Italy with numerous remixes and projects on the go, Datalife 'Peak' on Wall Of Sound's Nu Camp label (Dino & Santos), Life on Mars (with his friend Francesco Farfa) and numerous Adam Dived remixes (as well as a new single 'State Of Panic') propell this tech-house project to the fore. By 2001 Dino was ready to embark on his long overdue solo project.The first single promoed in the summer of 2001 is 'I Feel Stereo' which has also been licensed to Deep Dish's Yoshitoshi label and Incentive in the UK.

The 2002 starts with the Wu Tang Clan collaboration in Barbed Wire/Incentive and rmxs for Inxs, Rob Dougan, klea, Planet Funk, Art of Trance etc. Dino's own Age One label has releases forthcoming from Jane Kumada and Klea. The italian imprint Dubtronic has already enjoyed the releases of ..We've been Dropped.. (Some Bat in Rio/Acid Caracas) Dino Da Cassino Clear This and the latest Zero Campioni Casto Ep. Dino is has enjoyed three successive Essential New Tunes from Pete Tong at Radio One respectively with Andrea Doria Bucci Bag and Change The World which will become a highly talked about collaboration with ex Housemartins singer Paul Heaton from The Beautiful South. With the help of Hardage and the new remixes from ParTone, Santos, TV Rock Andrea Doria Coccoluto & Martinez and Loose Headz Call Me (released on Nu Tella/Prolifica/Free2air/kontor/Ministry Of Sound) is set to be one of the first hits of 2003. With more self penned material imminent for his debut album 2003 is primed for Dino to step out as a solo artist.

The Album Might (2005/06) is out on Free2air/kontor/Ministry Of Sound-Hussle/Ego Music V2 and also a download format is available on itunes with mixes by Paul Woolford, Mike Monday, Coccoluto, Martinez, Andrea Doria, Tv Rock, Boris Dluglosh, Mousse T, Tom Novy and Loose Headz. Dinos electronicas label Frenetica has also been launched with releases from Dino (singles and rm's from "Might"), Mad 8 (Deep Sleepless Night/ Work This Pussy), Adam Dived (Superdj), StereoHeadz (Houseweek), Dino Lenny (Run) and many others.. Also on Free2air a new project is seeing the light with Rober Aker DR (Dino & Rob) called 2 Foxes "one of the best records I've heard this year" said Steve Lawler, Bless him!

Dino and Steve Lawler are "SLADLY" their last release -Unicorn- was one of the most downloaded tracks last year, and his collaboration with Meck Feat. Dino 'Feels Like Home' has just entered the Top 40!­­